Eighth International Conference on Nanoimprint and Nanoprint Technology



Wednesday, October 24
12:00 Registration
13:00 Exhibit set-up
15:00 Equipment Exhibit, Fairway Deck
18:00 Welcome Reception, Fairway Deck

Thursday, October 25, Silverado Ballroom
7:15 Breakfast, Fairway Deck
Session 1: Keynote Session - Session Chairs: Doug Resnick, Molecular Imprints Inc, and Stephen Chou, Princeton University

Welcome: Stephen Chou and Doug Resnick
8:20 Invited 1 Manufacturing of Displays Using Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography Carl Taussig HP
8:55 Invited 2 The Advance of Bit Pattern Media Fabrication with Nano-imprinting Technology Tsai-Wei Wu HGST
9:30 Invited 3 NSF Engineering Directorate and the Role of Nanopatterning George Maracas National Science Foundation

10:05 Break, Fairway Deck
Session 2: Roll-to-Roll Imprint Lithography - Session Chairs: Jay Guo, University of Michigan, and Jin Choi, Molecular Imprints Inc.

2.1 Invited Roll-to-Roll Nanopatterning Using Jet and Flash Imprint Lithography Jin Choi Molecular Imprints Inc.
11:10 2.2 Manufacturing of smart fibers by high-speed reel-to-reel imprint using cylinder mold Harutaka Mekaru BEANS Project
11:25 2.3 Three dimensional nanoimprint lithography: from parallel to roll-to-roll processing Nikos Kehagias Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology
11:40 2.4 Simulation of roll-to-roll and roll-to-plate NIL: modeling the effects of process speed, imprinting load, roller elasticity, and pattern design Hayden Taylor Nanyang Technological University
11:55 2.5 Development of continuous phase lithography and application to transparent conductor fabrication Moon Kyu Kwak University of MIchigan
12:10 2.6 Innovations in rolling imprinting for fast fabrication of micro/nano structures on glass substrates Sen-Yeu Yang National Taiwan University

12:30 Lunch, The Grove
Session 3: Applications - Session Chairs: Christophe Peroz, Abeam, and Michael Hornung, Suss

3.1 Invited Status of bit patterned media for high density hard drives Zhaoning Yu Seagate
14:10 3.2 Defect Reduction for Semiconductor Memory Applications Using Jet and Flash Imprint Lithography Zhengmao Ye Molecular Imprints Inc
14:25 3.3 Fabrication of High Quality GaN Template by Nano-channel FIELO Using UV Nanoimprint Lithography for High Efficiency LED Akiko Okada Waseda University
14:40 3.4 Ordered SiGe island arrays on pit-patterned Si(001) substrates fabricated by UV-NIL: towards optoelectronic applications Elisabeth Lausecker University of Linz
14:55 3.5 Direct nanopatterning for high efficient flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode So Hee Kim Pusan National University
15:10 3.6 A Metal Embedded PDMS Mold for Large-Area Patterning of Sapphire Substrates Used in High Brightness Light-Emitting Diodes Yung-Chun Lee National Cheng Kung University

3:25 Break, Fairway Deck

16:00 Poster Sessions, Fairway Deck: Session Chairs: Doug Resnick, Molecular Imprints Inc, and Stephen Chou, Princeton University

Anti-Reflection Structures Fabricated by Angled Two Step UV Nanoimprint Lithography Using Line and Space Kentaro Ishibashi Waseda University and Toshiba-Machine Co., Ltd.
P40 Nano-patterned LED using Nano Imprint Lithography and Bi-layer Lift-off Metallization for High Efficiency Sang-Uk Cho Pusan National University
P58 Coupling of Quasi-Particles in Nanoimprinted Structures Clivia Sotomayor Torres Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology
P60 Embedded permalloy nano-oval fabrication using nanoimprinting and liftoff for Magnetic Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Muhammad Atyab Imtaar Technische Universität München
P89 Rapid fabrication of metal nanocone arrays by Si nanocones JJ Li Institute of Physics, CAS
P96 Giant and Wafer-scale Uniform Enhancement of Quantum Dots Fluorescence by a Novel 3D Nanoantenna Array Hao Chen Princeton University
P104 Bilayered Hybrid Nanoimprint Strategy for the Planarized Metal Nanostructure in Plasmonic Applications Jun-Hyuk Choi Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials

Nano-imprint lithography for high brightness GaN-based LEDs

Heon Lee Korea University

Bio Applications

Fabrication of Microchambers with Inclined Sidewalls on Pyrex Glass and Quartz Chips by Thermal Imprinting Harutaka Mekaru Nat. Inst. of AIST
P83 Multi-functional arrays of multiple colored quantum dot with magnetic nanoparticle via one-step micro/nano imprinting for biomolecular analysis Yongsuk Oh KAIST


Evaluation of interaction between antisticking layer and UV nanoimprint resin by scanning probe microscopy Makoto Okada LASTI, Univ. of Hyogo
P41 Evaluation of the surface energy between UV resist and mold in UV nanoimprint Tomoki Nishino Osaka Prefecture University
P51 Nanometrology by image processing and analysis of sub-50 nm 1 and 2D features in BCPs for NIL technology Claudia C Simao Institut Catalia de Nanotecnologia
P95 Parallel micro and nano-scale replication – a low cost, high throughput production technique for electronic-, optic-, biosensing and microfluidic structure replication Kreindl Gerald EVG


A development perspective of nanoimprint lithography from 1995 to 2012 based on a holistic bibliometrical study of patents and articles. Lars Montelius Lund University

Imprint Templates

Evaluation of resistless Ga+ beam lithography for UV-NIL stamp fabrication Maximilian Rumler Fraunhofer IISB
P26 Anisotropic remastering of UV-NIL replica molds for feature size reduction Elisabeth Lausecker University of Linz
P42 Experiment and simulation of thermal imprint with Mg-based bulk metallic glass molds Fuh-Yu Chang National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
P52 Fabrication of Capacity-Equalized Mold with 50 nm Patters Kenta Suzuki Nihon University
P56 Release-property enhanced OrmoStamp for advanced working stamps in nanoimprint lithography Arne Schleunitz Micro Resist Technology GmbH
P65 Diamond and DLC Nanoimprint Dies by Ion Implant Masking Graham L Cross Trinity College
P66 The Impact of Focused Ion Beam Stamp Repair on Resist Curing in UV-based Nanoimprint Lithography Simon Waid Vienna University of Technology
P93 Design rules for 3D stamps manufacturing on 300 mm wafer and their associated replication processes by NanoImprint Lithography Vincent Reboud CEA-Leti
P97 High-Precision Duplication of Large-Area Soft-Hard-Hybrid Nanostructured Molds Using Polymer Masters of Good Release Qi Zhang Princeton University
P101 A master-mold fabrication for 1Xnm node nanoimprint lithography by EB lithography followed by self-aligned double patterning technique Hideo Kobayashi HOYA Corporation


Novel fluorinated polymers for releasing material in nanoimprint lithography Tsuneo Yamashita DAIKIN Ind. Ltd.


Advanced Fluorinated UV-Curable Resin (NIF) for UV Nanoimprint Yasuhide Kawaguchi Asahi Glass Company


The Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Material which Exhibits The Self-assembled Glass-like Surface for Nanoimprinting Film Kazuhisa Kumazawa Nippon Soda Co., LTD.


Functional epoxy polymer for direct nano-imprinting of micro optical elements Robert Fader Fraunhofer IISB


UV-curable resins suitable for UV-NIL in pentafluoropropane Masaru Nakagawa Tohoku University


Synthesis of Fluorinated Si-sol Precursor for Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) Application Dongjin Nam DONGJIN SEMICHEM CO.,LTD.


Reorientation of Photoinduced Liquid Crystalline Polymer Induced by Thermal Nanoimprinting with Linearly Polarized UV Irradiation Makoto Okada LASTI, Univ. of Hyogo


Sub-10nm thick epoxy films structured by UV Lithography and UV-NIL Vaida Auzelyte École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne


Droplet Behavior Prediction in Dispensing-based NIL Using Control Volume Finite Element Method Kiju Sohn Seoul National University


Addressing the mechanical deformation of flexible stamps for nanoimprint lithography on double-curved surfaces Mads R Sonne Technical University of Denmark


Shear thinning threshold criterion in thermal NanoImprint lithography Etienne Rognin CEA-LETI-Minatec Campus


Simulation study on stress relaxation in organic martial Naoki Nishikura Osaka. Prefecture University


Crosslinking control during imprint for hybrid lithography (T-NIL + UV-L) Khalid Dhima University of Wuppertal


Preparation of surface with patterned roughness for sensing applications Si Wang University of Wuppertal


Area-Extended Wire-Grid Polarizer via Step and Repeat Nanoimprint Lithography Kohsuke Takayama Asahi Glass


Sidewall angle dependent pre-filling states in asymmetric stamp cavities using thermal nanoimprint lithography Helmut Schift Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)


3-D surface topography patterning based on a glass transition temperature selective thermal reflow for backlight displays Helmut Schift Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)


Control of self-assembly defects in thermal nanoimprint Andre Mayer University of Wuppertal


Throughput of UV nanoimprint based on gas condensation Hiroshi Hiroshima National Institute of Advanced Industria


Removal of thermoplastic resin adhered on mold by high hydrostatic pressure Shinichiro Sone Soka University


Gap pattern narrowing by multiple patterning with nanoelectrode lithography Atsushi Yokoo NTT Basic Research Laboratories


Controlled dewetting under confinement for zero residual layer nanoimprint Etienne Rognin CEA-LETI-Minatec Campus


Direct Patterning of Oxides Using Step-and-Flash Imprint Lithography M. S. M. Saifullah Institute of Materials Research and Engineering


Directed self-assembly of block copolymers mediated by solvent assisted NIL Claudia C Simao Institut Catalia de Nanotecnologia


UV-based Nanoimprint Lithography for large area structuring of graphene and for making metallic contacts

Wolfgang Hackl

Profactor GmbH


Extremely Thin Suspended Membranes by Combining Nanoimprinting and Atomic Layer Deposition

Jouni Ahopelto

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


Improvement of Demolding Characteristics by Ar Plasma Treatment Hiroaki Kawata Osaka Prefecture University


Anode Structuring in OPDs/LEDs Using Nano Transfer Printing Anandi Yadav Technical University of Munich


Nanoimprinting Ultra Small and High Aspect Ratio Structures by Using Modulus-Tunable UV Cure Epoxy Resist Young Jae Shin University of Michigan


Direct imprinting of inorganic functional films: a novel route for fabricating nanophotonic devices Carlos A Pina-Hernandez aBeam Technologies


Imprint Mold Cleaning with Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Peng Lin University of Massachusetts Amherst


Critical Dimension Control of Nanoimprint Lithography and Pattern Transfer on Sub-10 nm Scale Shuang Pi ECE Dept. UMass Amherst


Fabricating inserted Cu mesh electrode inside flexible substrate by nanoimprint lithography Chia-Meng Chen National Tsing Hua University


Influence of Solvent Removal and UV-exposure on Feature Shrinkage in UV-NIL Direct Patterning Robert Kirchner TU Dresden


Residual Layer Optimization for 3D Nanoimprint Lithography Michael Hornung SUSS MicroTec Lithography GmbH


Annealing-free, smooth, flexible silver nanowire/polymer composite electrodes via two-step aerosol-jet printing method Dong Yun Choi KAIST


Novel nanoimprint process for lift-off by using bi-layer resist system Hiroaki Kawata Osaka Prefecture University


Advanced Metal Nanopatterning through Dual Resist-Nanoimprint and Si-based Etch Mask

Jun-Hyuk Choi

Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials

Roll-to-Roll Imprint Lithography

Continuous photo-roller-lithography and application to large area IR metamaterial and transparent conductor fabrication Young Jae Shin University of Michigan
P99 Sub- 50nm Roller Nanoimprint Using Flexible Hard-Soft-Hybrid Polymer Thin-Film Stamps and Applications to Large-Area High-Performance Nanoplasmonics Qi Zhang Princeton University
P106 Fabrication of Infrared Sensors using Roll to Roll Nanoimprinted Grating Jeffrey Morse University of Massachusetts Amherst


18:00 Wine Tasting, The Grove
19:00 Banquet, The Grove

Friday, October 26, Silverado Ballroom
Session 5: Process, Materials and Characterization 1 – Session Chairs: Akihiro Miyauchi, Hitachi Research Laboratory, and Hella-Christine Scheer, Bergische University

5.1 Invited Three-dimensional micro-optics patterning by wafer-scale nanoimprint lithography on 8" and12" wafers Vincent Reboud CEA-Leti
8:30 5.2 Reduction in Viscosity of Quasi-2D-Confined Nanoimprint Resin through the Addition of Fluorine-Containing Monomers: Shear Resonance Study. Yuzuru Shimazaki Hitachi Ltd.
8:45 5.3 Simple UV direct imprinting of photonic microring resonators with high quality from spin coated hybrid-polymer films Robert Kirchner Technische Universität Dresden
9:00 5.4 Micro- and Nano-scale Molding Based on Electrohydrodynamic Deformation of Dielectric Polymer Hongbo Lan Xi'an Jiaotong University
9:15 5.5 Monitoring of filling process using DFIM system in UV nanoimprint lithography Qing Wang AIST
9:30 5.6 Interface expansion of hetero structured organic photovoltaics (OPV) by multi-layered direct nanoimprint Tomohiro Kohei Osaka Prefecture University

9:45 Break, Fairway Deck
Session 6: Bio Applications – Session Chairs: Helmut Schift, Paul Scherrer Institut, and Lars Montelius, Lund University

6.1 Invited A novel 3-D cell culture device with nano pillars for hepatocyte spheroids Akiko Hisada Hitachi Central Research
10:50 6.2 Fabrication and Performance of Ultra-sensitive, Fast, Nanoplasmonic Microfluidic Immunoassay by Large-Area High-Precision Nanoimprint Ruoming Peng Princeton University
11:05 6.3 Wafer scale fabrication of 3D inlets in nanofluidic devices Irene Fernandez-Cuesta LBNL
11:20 6.4 Up-scaling of swellable hydrogels for biosensor applications using step-and-repeat thermal nanoimprinting lithography

Achille Francone

Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology

11:35 6.5 Nanoimprint Patterning for Efficient and Stable Bio-Fuel Cells

Richard Sundberg

Lund University

11:50 6.6 Creating Nanometer Size Protein Patterns for the Investigation of Protein-Protein Interactions in Live Cells using Microcontact Printing with Hard Stamps Michael Muehlberger PROFACTOR GmbH

12:05 Lunch, The Grove
Session 7: Large Area Imprint Lithography – Session Chairs: Clivia M Sotomayor Torres, Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology, and Atsushi Yokoo, NTT

7.1 Invited Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography techniquefor photonic crystalpatterning on LEDs Marc Verschuuren Philips Corp
14:00 7.2 Large Area Seamless Roller Mold Using Fast EB Lithography(rEBL) for R2R Process Naoto Ito Asahi Kasei
14:15 7.3 Fabrication of Large-Area Nanoplasmonic Sensors, Solar Cells, and Filters Using Planar or Roller Nanoimprint with Molds Generated without EBL Stephen Y Chou Princeton University
14:30 7.4 Large Area Micro-Structuring of Viscous Drag Reducing Riblets by Roll-to-Roll-UV-Imprint-Lithography Dieter Nees Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft
14:45 7.5 Pre-filling states in replication of cylinder microlenses using roll-to-plate thermal nanoimprint lithography Helmut Schift Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)
15:00 7.6 Flexible Touch Pad on Mechanically Robust Paper Substrate Fabricated by Direct Stamping of Silver Nano-Ink Woo Soo Kim Simon Fraser University

15:15 Break, Fairway Deck

Session 8: Process, Materials and Characterization 2 – Session Chairs: Shinji Matsui, University of Hyogo, and Jouni Ahopelto, VTT Helsinki

8.1 Invited Fabrication of negative index metamaterial prims by UV-NIL Iris Bergmair Profactor GmbH
16:30 8.2 Thermally-Adaptive Alignment for Nanoimprinting Euclid E Moon MIT
16:45 8.3 A universal scheme for direct thermal nanoimprint lithography of oxides Saman Safari Dinachali National University of Singapore
17:00 8.4 Continuous nanoimprint on a polymer sheet by in-situ formation of release layer Masahiko Ogino Hitachi, Ltd,
17:15 8.5 Single digit nanofabrication by step-and-repeat nanoimprint lithography Christophe Peroz aBeam Tech. & The Molecular Foundry
17:30 8.6 Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles using imprinted HSQ pattern for SERS measurement Yuji Kang University of Hyogo